Who We Are

Nearshore Charter Services was started to pass along the joy and knowledge that we have accumulated over a lifetime. Living in the Tampa bay area has given us the opportunity to experience the pleasure of this coastal community and life on the water. We were both fortunate to have a fishing rod placed in our hands at an early age and the opportunity to use it whenever we wanted. After so many years of fishing the adrenaline still rushes through when we have a fish on the line. Now we get even more satisfaction helping others of all ages enjoy a day on the water with perhaps their best catch ever! Our mission is to not only make a day on the water a memorable but to instill the fishing bug that keeps us going out again and again.


Captain Charley

I was born in Gainesville, FL in 1966. My father put a rod in my hand when I was 5 and I immediately caught the fishing bug. As a kid growing up I remember racing home from school and grabbing my rod and tackle box and heading for the water. I have kept this passion for fishing and being on the water my whole life. I was fortunate to live in Key West for a few years where I was able to fish 4-5 days a week.

I moved to Tampa in 1995 and started to fish the bay and the Gulf and enjoy the wonderful fishery that we have here locally. I am married and have one son and one daughter to whom I have enjoyed passing on my knowledge and passion for fishing. I have been blessed where I am able to do what I truly love for a living. Whether it’s on my custom 24 foot Sheaffer or your vessel, (consulting) teaching others what I have learned over the years or just having me put you on fish is a true joy for me. Regardless of whether we are in the bay or out in the gulf, keeping the rods bent, is paradise.



I was born in Daytona Beach in Sept. 1949. Moved to Tampa in 1953 and started fishing Tampa Bay and the Gulf when I was 9. Learned to fish off the Gandy Bridge catwalks and Indian Rocks pier and Big Pier 60. My father took me first but I fished with my grand parents all night at the piers on many weekends. We also fished the Courtney Campbell causeway and Pinellas beaches a lot.

I bought my first boat when I was 23 and also fished party boats sometimes. I have fished this area for 58 years and Englewood area since 1973. I have been trolling Tampa Bay for grouper for 25 years and fishing offshore in the Gulf for 30 years. I started Bubba's Jigs in 1990 and was co-owner for about for 16 years. I have been doing fishing seminars for 25 years in the Bay Area. I love passing on fishing knowledge that I learned from many great captain's and friends. Teaching people to fish is my passion and something you pass on to other fisherman.i love going on people's boats and teaching them to catch grouper in the bay and also many species in the gulf as a consultant.Fishing and teaching fishing makes me whole.



  • Over 50+ Years Combined Experience!

    Capt Charley and Vance have been fishing the Gulf for many years.

  • Ride In Style On Our Sheaffer 240!

    You will find our 24ft Sheaffer quite comfortable.

  • Let Us Do The Cleanin'! 

    After a long day catching fish, the last thing you want to do is clean them.