Trolling in the Tampa Bay can produce some of the best action! 


Bottom fishing is a riot and can produce some real quality table fare!


Not familiar with the area? New Boat? Let us teach you how it's done!

What's Biting?

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Educational Services

Our Boats

  • 31' Pursuit
  • Sheaffer S240V


C 310

THE 31 FOOT C 310 COMBINES THE ULTIMATE IN FISHABILITY WITH CREATURE COMFORTS NOT TYPICALLY FOUND IN HARD CORE FISHING MACHINES. Thoughtful design and engineering allow for open, airy spaces to connect with the water and have plenty of room to fish. You can rest assured you will have a comfortable ride out, to fish, and back again! View More




Whether fishing the flats, running 40 miles to your favorite offshore spot, or cruising to an island for some family fun, the Sheaffer S240 does it all – and more. Between the enormous fish box, the standard 70 gallons of livewell, superb stability and strong, spacious fishing platform, you can rest assured your adventure with us will be top notch! View More

Our Client's Say

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  • Capt Charley and Vance are truly thinking of you the whole trip. We got on a ton of fish and my kids had a riot. Learned so much and will definitely be booking again!
    Dave Quick Chicago, IL